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Lost in Newcastle on Mother’s Day

So anyway my Mother’s Day was a total washout.

It’s been a long week. I’ve had the most shocking, hacking cough for the best part of 8 weeks, coughing up seeming lakes of green concrete every morning and throughout the day, feeling weaker and weaker, absolute zero interest in life…..which is hard when you have a 4 year old to entertain. So I went to see the doctor finally, and HURRAY for AMOXYCILLIN! I felt, overnight, like I had my life back. And I’ve been getting better and better all week.

To return to last Sunday…..we should have been at the Lost Castle just outside Penrith, at Lowther Castle, for my son’s best friend’s birthday party. Sadly the Beast from the East put an end to that day. Fortunate for us in some respects as my son had a temperature.

Up and down all Sunday and Monday, no other symptoms and totally normal by Tuesday morning when I packed him off to nursery. 2pm and a call to collect him. My poor, poor boy was shattered and burning up…..onset tonsilitis and he’s battled it all week. Foul tasting penicillin he has swallowed with, at most, the mention that I might have picked up the wrong medicine, rolls eyes…..silly Mummy.

Sunday dawns, and secretly I had wanted to go to the Lakes all week. Mmmm a walk alongside Elterwater, cakes in Chesters and a stroll back….one of my ideal ways to spend an afternoon. No, poorly husband. Burning up was no understatement. He has slept all day and is shocking.

Boy slept a good few hours too during the day, long enough for me to fill 6 garden bags with ivy…..that bastard ivy, that bastard bastard ivy. OK I apologise but I REALLY HATE IT!

Short of napalm I have no idea how you rid your garden of it effectively. Still, at least now I can see my photinia, wygela florida variegata and sambuca black lace (elderberry).

So, not all bad. I have been screaming inside for a day of real fresh air, biting Lakeland air, the smell of Lake District air….there’s nothing like it, I swear to god it can heal anything…..I digress.

So my great friend and saviour of all things lost these days….Mark Freeman captured these beauties today, on a weekend to Newcastle to see my other two favourite Freeman men.

Newcastle loss

I particularly like the 2 for 1-ness of this picture!

newcastle loss 2

Not sure which bit I find more depressing about this one – the decrepit roof or the lonesome trainer. Lost shoes always give me the creeps for some reason.

newcastle loss 3

Ah the lost mitten, saluting the day from his spike, my favourite loss of all.

Much love to all the mums out there celebrating today, I hope you had a lovely day. If you’re missing your mum, I send my thoughts and best wishes, if you aren’t a mum and want to be, don’t give up, I didn’t and it’s worth all the laughs and worrying! If you aren’t a mum and never wanted to be one I hope today hasn’t been a cringe fest for you and that you had a blast doing something else!


Lost racing around Cartmel

Ah yes our first walk of the New Year and I had managed to lose the trail within literally 100 yards of the car park…..what hope?

I handed over to Gillian, who set us right, allowing me to indulge in the pursuit of the lost.

And not long before we came across this…

Leftover from the fell run?


How do you lose one trainer?

Our route for the day was a walk I’d chosen from one of my favourite walking books and was a 7 mile, 4 hour circular walk around Cartmel, taking in Hampsfield Fell as an optional offshoot.

The great guy in the tourist info office, on the village car park, told us there’d been a fell run the day before with not a single parking space available from about 11am onwards…so I wonder was this rather new looking trainer belonging to a runner?

A few yards further on we spotted this…

As you know I’m not really one to veer away from clothing or footwear but the dummy seemed so photogenic I couldn’t resist. Seriously though, I know someone mounted it on a branch so that it could be easily spotted but am inclined to think if I’d dropped my baby’s dummy, I’d not want it back after it’d been dropped in God knows what muck half way up a country path!

The walk saw us through woods, wandering on farmland over fields, a bit of road walking, many stiles and finally up Hampsfield Fell whose summit is complete with a stone hospice…….when Gillian read this aloud I’d seriously imagined a rest home up a hill……but no, it’s a stone tower…no idea what its purpose, but given the wind it was a perilous climb to the top where I literally sank to my knees for fear of being swept off.

Back to the main path and  semi steep descent into claggy farmland once more and another loss hiding on a wall, we thought it might be a hat

We were home just in time for the heavens to open and refuge to be sought in the fab King’s Arms. Can I recommend, please? Wonderful, attentive staff, good ale and food at the bargainacious offer of £25 per couple YES per couple for a 3 course dinner as part of the Sunday Supper Club. I had smoked salmon, a roast beef dinner and then banana bread, ice cream and toffee sauce…….all for £12.50. And it was all delicious. I’ve not enjoyed such value for money in ages.

Sad that we didn’t have time to wander round the priory but I suspect I’ll be back in Cartmel sooner rather than later when I hope to check out L’Enclume! Hmm I wonder how I’ll find the value for money there….watch this space.

Jeepers creepers who forgot their Skechers?

More abandoned good shoes! Well, I guess by good I mean wearable – evidently they weren’t good enough to put up a tree and remember to come back to!

This uber girlie pair was spotting nesting in a tree trunk just back from the shores of Derwent Water. I’d love to say it was flooded and the owner obviously didn’t want to get her feet wet but this was a really lovely summer’s day. The darkness is merely my inability to take a picture in daylight, with a mobile phone, under the canopy and it actually look like daylight! They’re a bit like a pair of Skechers and might be (I forgot to look d’oh!) – with that almost carved material effect.

It was another delightful lakeland walk – starting off in a car park half way down Derwent Water and walking out towards Surprise View which has never really surprised me that much – it’s lovely but it can only be a surprise to someone whose walked there blindfolded!

You get to wander off the route to the divine Ashness Bridge which is a truly lovely place to sit and scoff and ultimately walk right over the tops of Walla Crag and back down to the water’s edge past the really funky sculpture in Calf Close Bay, by someone whose name I’ve trawled for but cannot find! Suffice to say it’s a beautiful split boulder which has been carved with an almost celtic knot design like the rings within tree trunks…..very thought provoking and amazingly unstolen after countless years! Hurrah for heavy stuff which can’t be shifted!

Sneaker Pimps

My “Lost” Adidas

A lonely trainer. Where’s his little friend? This is a lost classic…one trainer on a beach because frankly given the level of flotsam at Granny’s Bay, Lytham sometimes, it’s a miracle there was just the one lost article! I love that it’s full of sand because ultimately it’ll be filled just so much that you see partial bits of black and assume it’s a collection of stones….lovely.