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Lost in Malham – full circle

I can’t admit to taking either of these. My good friend Mark Freeman took them.

We go walking when I can get my proverbial together, and it being 15 months since we last walked, managed a time out last weekend. Mark suggested revisiting school trip stamping ground, Malham.

We did the circular route taking in Janet’s Foss, Gordale Scar; Malham Tarn and then back via the Cove.

We had all manner of winter weather, fluffy snow, BITING WIND, sideways hard snow, sun and more wind.

The online route said 2 hours 55 mins assuming you walked up the waterfall at Gordale but I wimped out and we took the 2 mile detour. No idea if that affected the time to the degree it took but 5 hours. Yes, 5!

My pathetic, post baby, perimenopausal body took a beating. I was unable to get out of the car!

Anyway these

It’s hilarious as Malham was home to my first lost glove I think. Or second.

My left foot is still unhappy but plans for a walk next month are afoot. I must lose weight.


Lost on the wrong side of the tracks!

David and I drove over to Blackpool for the afternoon and strolled down the prom….over the tram tracks, where I caught sight of this lost lady.

It seems fitting in this year of the 50th anniversary of Corrie to have the tracks feature on the lost blog. Who can forget Rita’s wife-bashing husband coming to his sticky end right here? The nasty Alan Bradley!

Those who know me well have heard me bang on about Blackpool ad nauseum. I love it. In season and out of season. It’s what I always describe as honest. Those who slate it don’t understand it and fail to see the beauty.

In season it’s a hotbed of every human emotion known to mankind. Out of season it’s like a ghost town. Banks of sand settle against the shop fronts and the wind gusts through at a rate of knots – wild and wonderful!

Even though it’s been the holiday destination for millions over the years, I’m not entirely sure it’s the cheap solution for all! Camera in hand I thought I’d grab some cool shots at the Pleasure Beach…..only to be told that to go into the park and NOT go on a ride would cost me £5.00. Sorry but rip-off is an understatement. What happened to enticing folk in?

But if you really want to see some great pics of Blackpool, then you should take a look at Mark Freeman’s flickrstream…..he just won the Lancashire Life photography competition!