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Lost in Malham – full circle

I can’t admit to taking either of these. My good friend Mark Freeman took them.

We go walking when I can get my proverbial together, and it being 15 months since we last walked, managed a time out last weekend. Mark suggested revisiting school trip stamping ground, Malham.

We did the circular route taking in Janet’s Foss, Gordale Scar; Malham Tarn and then back via the Cove.

We had all manner of winter weather, fluffy snow, BITING WIND, sideways hard snow, sun and more wind.

The online route said 2 hours 55 mins assuming you walked up the waterfall at Gordale but I wimped out and we took the 2 mile detour. No idea if that affected the time to the degree it took but 5 hours. Yes, 5!

My pathetic, post baby, perimenopausal body took a beating. I was unable to get out of the car!

Anyway these

It’s hilarious as Malham was home to my first lost glove I think. Or second.

My left foot is still unhappy but plans for a walk next month are afoot. I must lose weight.


Lost on Moor Park

I’ve walked round Moor Park a number of times since William was born, probably more so than during the preceding 46 years!

It’s a lovely park which skirts a very beautiful avenue, once home to Preston’s super rich, I imagine, yet now home to consultants’ surgeries, Moor Park High School and Preston College’s annexe, The Park School.

I spotted this purple hand….

Purple Hand!

Purple Hand!

The park has always been a happy place for me although when I once had a personal trainer and was learning how to run, it became a source of discomfort….no loos! There are two public conveniences but both locked following increasing incidences of illegal naughties going on….now, however, some genius has installed one of those all encompassing blocks near the bowling greens – relief!

Sadly some lowlife managed to burn the old building down

The burned out bowling green hire cabin

The burned out bowling green hire cabin


……..but they have rebuilt and as I say, installed some new pay as you go loos – oh the relief!

They also have one of those Adidas sponsored exercise areas.

On your marks....

On your marks….


Work that body....

Work that body….


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like these areas. They remind me so much of the ones you get on the beaches in Spain…so, of course, remind me of being in Spain. I missed it so much last year, choosing not to fly whilst pregnant, but can’t wait to get back there this year to the lovely villa.

I digress…

Moor Park is a lovely place to walk round, you can play tennis, bowls, take a cycling tour, care of a Council initiative, feed the ducks on the pond…or just have a nice sit down.

There’s also an observatory and it breaks my heart to know that it is no longer in use. I would dream of looking up at the stars from there when I was a child and the minute I became an adult, they shut it down and stopped the public viewings. TYPICAL. Someone get Dara O’Briain and Brian Cox on the case!

There’s a car park at the Preston North End end of the park so no excuses for not giving it a whirl – best in the summer and autumn months!


Lost Gloves – anyone know where this is?


Where the hell was this? And when?

I made a concerted effort, mentally, earlier this week to start maintaining the lost socks blog as I’ve been more than remiss these past few months.

So I find it totally annoying to present these photographs and have absolutely no recollection where they were taken.

If any of my walking friends can recall (fat chance) then please do enlighten me.

My appalling memory has started to cause me concern. I’ve always had the classic elephant’s memory – I never forget.

Only yesterday I had lunch with a former colleague of 14 years ago and mentioned that whenever I see Errol Brown I think of her, similarly George Michael…she’d been mad about both in her youth and I vividly recall her describing her utter disbelief the day she found out George was gay!

She was amazed by my memory. Yet, in my defence, I have to say that while I can name probably all 120 girls in my year at school in 1980, I can’t remember the name of someone to whom I was introduced yesterday…and, worse still, no disrespect girls, but that person I met yesterday might be someone who would hire me tomorrow!

Is it just me or does everyone hit 40 and life thereafter is just not the same? You forget everything and have to make lists, ALL the time. You can’t shift half a stone yet at 39 you drop could drop it in a week.


Lost in Britain’s best National Park

That time of year and I start my annual, weekly pilgrimage to Ullswater.

In many ways I’m loathe to say how divine it is, its beauty being a particular lack of the regular visitors to the likes of Bowness (rolls eyes in distaste) or Ambleside (prays readers love Apple Pie House).

It is where much of the lost blog has taken place over the years and where I do much of my thinking about what to do next at newroomsonline. I took my best friend and her family as we’ve never done the walk before together and I’m really keen to share my love of the fells with my godsons in a way which is more than a mere account of where I’ve walked.

This is the gatepost to Ullswater Steamers – where the magic begins! Look carefully or you’ll miss the colour matched accessory – the fingerless glove.

We sailed from Glenridding to Howtown aboard the delightful and best vessel in their fleet – The Lady of the Lake.

When the light catches the surface of the lake on the last sail home, it’s like glitter floating…you really can’t beat it at all. We watched the Wammels tacking and gybing around Norfolk Island, folk out in canoes and kayaks from Glenridding Sailing Centre and of course, I pointed out the path that we would be treading – all 7 miles of it.

We also made use of the cake stand in the new pierhouse…..which I might add is looking stunning. Doesn’t seem too long ago that the whole village was swamped in the 2010 storms. Well done, Guys, a stunning job. I had a particularly divine millionaire’s shortbread.

Howtown always makes me start humming Pet Clark’s Downtown and always feel they should play it over the PA as you alight! There’s not a lot there…but there is a pub, and a nice beach for a picnic with more breathtaking views across the lake.

It’s a great walk. You can’t get lost, it’s well signposted and as my godson, George, noted, “Everyone’s always so friendly in the Lakes aren’t they? Everyone says hello.”

It’s one thing I’ve said often to my folks but I don’t think it’s just the Lakes. I think there’s a bonding between people who like the outdoors. Doesn’t matter if you pass a walker, a mountain biker or a climber, people always nod or stop to chat.

Three hard Geordie boys passed us on their mountain bikes with the muddiest, wet arses imaginable…and it was a really mild, dry day…..between us we asked why mountain bikers never use mudguards?

A few miles later we passed them again as they sat down to eat their butties and asked, “Why no mudguards?”

Apparently it’s just a preference. “Is it like a trophy? Having a really dirty backside?” I asked.

“I guess so,” came the response. I remarked that it must chafe as a result….no because padded cycling shorts ensure this does not happen….great blokes.

George had a bit of a vertigo wobble at one point. Having been gungho the whole walk, he only got nervous after I’d had to make an unplanned stop behind a gorse bush….ouch, and he’d time to think about how high he was off the ground at that point…which to be fair is probably the highest point on the walk but funny that he’d been fearless up to that moment. Mental note….don’t stop no matter how desperate you are!

We found a dead swan at Sandwick bay which I find terribly sad, nesting season and all the pairs out.

I called Tourist Info at Glenridding the following morning, simply because I had it in mind that you’re meant to report dead swans…isn’t it still a treasonable offence to kill one? That and sticking a stamp on a letter the wrong way up? LOL

Incidentally Cumbria police called me this morning to get an exact location of the swan so it must be important!

No more losses until we got to just above Side Farm…about mile no. 5.

I am assuming someone took these off for a paddle and forgot about them!

Last but not least, actually on the stile at Side Farm Camp Site…

Pointing the way home….

I woke up on Sunday, as ever, these days post any kind of activity feeling ancient with creaking bones and aching muscles. I don’t have bunions but feel like I should, that joint at the base of my big toe is more painful than I can describe. I slept badly, more proof that despite what people say about exercise leading to a sound night’s sleep, it’s all a load of rubbish!

Anyway do the walk – it’s lovely!

Finding yourself in the Lakes!

So anyway back on the current trail to lose weight, I took advantage of it being half term and went on a walk on Sunday with my husband, best mate, her husband and two godsons, Ollie and George – the apples of my eye.

You really couldn’t meet two more perfect children but never having been walking with them before I had no idea if they’d be bored, if they’d be shattered….or if they’d take to it like a duck to water….added to which I’ve not really done a proper walk in ages. David is a gym bunny, Gillie is naturally fit (how annoying) and Mark is a footballer so if there was a fitness fly in the ointment it was me….no surprise then that I chose a good, easy walk I’d done in the past……punctuated half way round by the appearance of the Lake District’s best cake shop, Chesters.

Park in Elterwater……head left out of village car park and turn right up the hill just past a small hotel…….walk about 2 miles, stop and take photo of lost pair of socks (what??)

The author shoots the socks in the Lakeland Laundromat!

The joy of being out and about with @markymarkf is that he could shoot me shooting the socks!

Walking socks stuck in Langdale wall!

At this point it is important to say that our navigator was George. He did a fine job. It’s not until you start explaining walks to someone that you realise how easy it was all those times to have walked up a sheep trail thinking it was the path!

Telling George not just to read the description of the route but observe the actual footpath signs was quite ironic given the number of times I’ve led my mate miles in the wrong direction!

Grabbing a shot of that lost glove at Stang End

The end of the wall for this glove!

Yes that is snow!

Past Stang End we headed across more farmland into woodland then down to Colwith Bridge. Across farmland and down towards Skelwith Bridge we decided against cakes until we were back at the car and the walk over.

Elterwater is delightful. If you’re not a walker, if you have a baby buggy, if you have a dog….it’s just the perfect setting. There’s the backdrop of the Langdales and it’s just beautiful.

Scarlet on a mossy mound!

Well done to George for superb skills, faultless on the first attempt…..you don’t know what you’ve let yourself into! Ollie’s up next time – I have high expectations young man!

Dance yourself dizzy….then lose it!

It’s been far too long since my last lost blog, so busy with newroomsonline, updating the site, moving the office – what a full-on few months, that I’ve literally not had time to think.

Time has not been so precious, however, that I haven’t managed a couple of gigs – both possibly away from my norm of Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Who or Muse……went to see Groove Armada back in October and last night Heaven 17 at the Ritz in Manchester.

My knowledge of Groove Armada is limited to say the least….further than the salty air track with its delightful, muted trumpety bit I only know riffs and choruses when I hear them….I just never knew enough to attribute them to Groove Armada.

It was a superb gig. I never credited them with being a band that played instruments so was a bit blown away to say the very least. Not only could they play, but they played really well and God knows who that lead singer is but I’m guessing ex stage school. I don’t mean that offensively like she’s some product of pushy mother syndrome, little talent but lots of ego…I mean she had it all. Fabulous voice and an ability to move in ways my body never could or even should. She was mesmerising….and annoyingly lithe….she probably free climbs in the Pyrennees for relaxation!

But….we saw this little fella on the floor outside, so who was I to walk away without a snapshot?

Glove Armada

And then last night, another first – Heaven 17 at the Ritz. Ordinarily I don’t approve of bad language on a blog – am sure it makes me seem crass and unprofessional but BLOODY HELL, they were so good. It was the 30th anniversary of Penthouse and Pavement and they played it track for track.

What I love about gigs like this is the unholy geekery that ensues. My husband was the loudest fan in the room – telling them their playlist (the arrogance) and singing his heart out with such passion that just to slip your arm round him in such ecstasy was my own little gap of luxury.

It was obvious that playing live has not been their thang, if only because Glenn Gregory’s rapport with the audience was so genuine, none of this usual inane we love you Manchester throw away commentating, but a really friendly conversation with the whole room. Everyone was largely 40-something at a guess but instantly 15 or 16 again.

What blew me away….sadly given it was a Penthouse and Pavement gig….was their version of Human League’s Don’t you want me Baby….so superior to the original, and to sing your heart out along with 1000 others who all knew the words was a bit of gig magic…but to hear what David described as the 12 inch Temptation live was just too good to be true. Wish I’d not taken a handbag (so old and crusty) and could have danced myself dizzier but got away with some vicious swaying and mean foot tapping!

It was a great night, topped only by this luminous offering on the Pavement – if only its partner had been dangling from a Penthouse – poetry in action!

Along with obligatory gig co-attendees’ feet……


Who let me go???? Sole warfare…..get it?

All I can say is let’s have X-Factor Penthouse and Pavement week….that’ll sort the chaff from the chaff…..we all wish.



Roll on – roll off gloves!

I took this set of photos during the last days of Walter Edmundson (Haulage) Ltd before it was sold to Manx Independent.

My grandfather started the business as a timber merchants hauling wood around the Fylde plain, supplying farmers. When he died in 1967 my father took over the business and turned it into something of a completely different order.

Over the years they shipped countless bikes to the Isle of Man for the TT. They brought a Viking longboat over to the island. They were part of a consortium which bought a Spanish ferry and converted it to RORO status. If you’re not up on ferry speak it’s roll on roll off. That is, you can drive on and drive off without any of the faff of having to back on/off….just more convenient. They worked with the Manx bodies to set up a link span at Douglas just so that the ferry could dock and vehicles disembark with ease.

They had many adventures with that project and when the Manx Viking finally set sail I spent the entire voyage holed up in the gift shop helping out with pricing stock. Another highlight was former motor cycling champion Geoff Duke riding his bike off the ship, the first person to disembark! Maybe this is where the whole romance with sailing and shops kicks in for me…..it’s certainly where the wanting to run your own business side of me comes from.

Those who follow my tweets @newrooms, will see me often refer to John the Warehouse…….my Dad! After 50 years in road haulage, storage and shipping he’s over qualified but you’ll never get a better person to help you out with your business….picking stock and shipping it off. I might not have gone into the family business but I like to think we still have one in newroomsonline.

Love these photos because ironically they are taken in the setting sun and it all seems right….I’m such a sentimental old fool…it runs in the family.