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Lost on a summer’s day in Fulwood

So anyway here is a lost hat. It’s bright red and hanging in a bush on Garstang Road.

Seems utterly preposterous on what must be one of the hottest days we’ve had of late, that someone should have been wearing a hat. But then little heads.

I saw a 2 week old baby today at Blackpool Zoo. I almost can’t remember my son being so small yet he’s still my baby.

It’s such an idyllic day thay I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of these small people. And they are people.

We sometimes fail to give them credit for what they know. This morning a 3 year old identified a classic Porsche 911 for me in a classic car magazine…..before going on to tell me that his favourite car is an Ambassador!

Anyway if anyone has dropped said hat……it’s on a busy outside a care home in Fulwood on the A6!


Lost at Fairhaven Lake

It’s a favourite haunt of ours. A man made lake next to the beach just round the corner from Lytham.

The cafe serves immense home made fish fingers and all manner of butties, cakes and main meals….a real delight especially if, like us, you have a small child. The playground is great and if you’re really lucky there’s a guy with a huge inflatable slide…..more fun!

I don’t know about other parents but my son has had four new pairs of gloves or mittens this winter with three pairs left over from last winter. To date I have 5 orphans and a lost pair. Most losses seem to happen at nursery. How? I just don’t get it but next winter I’ll be making his! Up there with knitted trunks, I’m sure, the threat of home made will encourage him not to lose them!

I’m not up to making shoes, though!

A Christmas loss

Another lost soul

Another lost soul

It’s funny how so many gloves find their way on to the railings of a church. Funnier still how the finders, or maybe the elements, point a finger towards the spire…a kind of godly loss?

This fluffy beauty was on the railings outside English Martyrs Church, just outside town, spotted as we took a post Christmas walk up to the Asia Continental Supermarket on Sedgewick Street.

I’ve never been inside the church but just googled them to see if they had a site – it looks very jolly indeed. Having been brought up CofE, in truth, I’ve been inside very few UK Catholic churches and I’m always astounded by how ornate they are by comparison to their protestant counterparts.

Church decor is something which always makes me question the graven images commandment whenever I’m inside one.  St Walburge’s, also in Preston, is a fine example of fabulous church decor, with its splendid stained glass windows and minstrels gallery, the second highest spire in the country and beautiful stone. I’ve no idea if you can gain access for a peek, sadly its parish is all but non existent and I know, years ago, there was an urgent sense of it having to be saved from disappearing as a church per se but if you can get inside, revel in it.

While I find church interiors often quite beautiful in their over the top design, from a spiritual perspective, there can be none more moving than St Martin’s Church in Martindale, in Cumbria. Its serene simplicity, lack of embellishment and ancient design make it an idyllic place to sit quietly and contemplate life’s greater questions.

All that said, as a lapsed church-goer (understatement), for many, many years I ceased going inside churches, as a tourist, after being in Crete one Easter. We took an excursion on Good Friday to a village church, where the presence of so many tourists made it impossible for actual worshippers to attend their own service inside their own local church. I was ashamed to be there, merely to gawp at the interior,when people were trying to get in for more legitimate reasons on the most important day of their religious year.

So I stopped going inside. I missed the Dome of the Rock when I was in Jerusalem, have missed countless divine settings in Europe and chosen to stand outside instead. But I’m going back inside more of them, just choosing my timings and being more considerate, I hope.

On a lighter note, I feel compelled to discuss the Asia Continental – I have to say I love it, although spend far too much on sacks of spices which will go off long before they are used. It’s a wonderful place to find most of your foreign goodies, not just Asian cuisine.

There’s also a really good fresh fruit and veg section with a good range of everything from the pedestrian to the exotic, but best of all, for us, if you’re someone who makes jams or chutneys, you can buy stuff by the crate!

Perfect for when you’re whipping up a batch of Moro’s harissa or Mrs Balbir Singh’s mango chutney – I think it’s her recipe we use (?)!

Pet owners – don’t lose your sense of dignity!

Another fine offering from @kathwalkerart and a repeated bete noire of mine – a reason to stand once again on my own personal soapbox.

Unfortunate Glovey-poo

From time to time my husband fondly calls me a venomous, old bag when I pontificate about my pet hates (and he is right to do so) but this really is one!

Bloody pet owners!

What gets my goat more oft than not is that they confuse my impatience with them, and their odd ways, as disliking their animals! Au contraire people, it’s you who infuriates me, not the cutesy wutesy, yappy, mangy, glandysmeary, territory spraying furball clamped to your side! I love dogs, end of.

And despite what I say,  in jest, to annoy friends who are cat owners, I do like cats, especially my sister’s three (which are more like dogs) and @otoolealexandra‘s, which seem to talk. I’m not buying the whole cats are independent line, however, I just think they’re not about to hang about waiting for food when some other neighbour will gladly throw them some rainbow trout. And I don’t think they’re picky about their food. It’s vapid owners’ faults, who insist on feeding them better food than their one year old child! No wonder the cats then turn their noses up at Mr Cat or Felix or whatever slippery, sick-smelling ‘food’ they’re offered. I do, however, grossly dislike the way cats always home in on the one person who doesn’t want to have their cheek gland smeared all over their leg. Yes I know it’s a sign of affection and territory marking yadda yadda but it’s not cute, it’s just really, really annoying! And more to the point – they eat birds..far more annoying. Two pouches of Kitekat and a blue tit chaser…simply not acceptable. And they aren’t loyal. Be fair people, when has a poem ever been written in stone up a Lakeland Fell about a cat that sat on its dead owner’s grave until its own death??

Gosh that really was rant-central, I do apologise and digress – for this post is specifially about dog owners. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but UK policy these days is that when your dog fouls, you pick up the stuff and chuck it in the bin. Consequently one of three things then happens in reality.

1. Dog fouls, owner picks up crap in bag and deposits in bin.

2. Dog fouls, owner picks up crap in bag and hangs it off the nearest tree or shrub.

3. Dog fouls, owner ignores the law and leaves it in situ for me to stand in and gag as soon as I notice only once I’ve sat in the car and smeared it all over the plush interior.

It was easier in the days when dogs just ate bones and you readily saw the pile of white seemingly fossilised crap in advance! These days, however, we’re not so fortunate.

So I do implore owners, please be aware that while you love your fish smelling feline and your doting dog that others of us out there don’t share your love of its antics….not because we dislike your pet per se but because you have created a scenario which allows for a perceived, negative reaction towards your pet – because you won’t accept responsibility yourself for its actions!

No surprise that the owner of this glove chose not to pick it up!

And before responsible owners start being outraged – I don’t mean you, I mean the ones who aren’t responsible.

PS The recent cold spell killed all my pond fish so I am very sensitive to pet issues at present…despite what some of you might think! Others are doubtless thinking, miserable old cow doesn’t deserve a pet – you’re probably right.

I think I’m hormonal today – but that was strangely cathartic!

Wellie outside Sainsbury’s Clitheroe

Wellie outside Sainsbury's - Clitheroe

How do you lose just one wellie?

There’s careless, then there’s stupid, then there’s just unfathomable.

This was New Year’s Day Jan 1st 2009 and we were enroute back from Leeds with a hankering for some Lancashire Hotpot to soak up the previous night’s consumption. Not that I’d been drinking – nothing agrees with me post 40 – it either gives me chjronic heartburn, massive weight gain or clinical depression. If I’m really lucky I get all three but the best I can do is some rose wine with a Gaviscon chaser.

Best wine shop by far for great advice on which wine won’t make ill has to be Byrne’s in Clitheroe. Even if you don’t need to buy wine – go in just for the experience. Heavenly!

Lancashire Hotpot:

Lamb neck chops, Potatoes – sliced. Carrots – sliced, Onions – sliced

Pre fry the lot in a pan on the hob then transfer to the oven, covering the lot in some beef stock and then just put in a medium oven for about 3 hours.

Under no circumstances do the southern softie thing where you put peas in it! Serve with a cup of tea, red cabbage and doorstops of white bread and butter to mop up the juice.

Sneaker Pimps

My “Lost” Adidas

A lonely trainer. Where’s his little friend? This is a lost classic…one trainer on a beach because frankly given the level of flotsam at Granny’s Bay, Lytham sometimes, it’s a miracle there was just the one lost article! I love that it’s full of sand because ultimately it’ll be filled just so much that you see partial bits of black and assume it’s a collection of stones….lovely.