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Lost in Malham – full circle

I can’t admit to taking either of these. My good friend Mark Freeman took them.

We go walking when I can get my proverbial together, and it being 15 months since we last walked, managed a time out last weekend. Mark suggested revisiting school trip stamping ground, Malham.

We did the circular route taking in Janet’s Foss, Gordale Scar; Malham Tarn and then back via the Cove.

We had all manner of winter weather, fluffy snow, BITING WIND, sideways hard snow, sun and more wind.

The online route said 2 hours 55 mins assuming you walked up the waterfall at Gordale but I wimped out and we took the 2 mile detour. No idea if that affected the time to the degree it took but 5 hours. Yes, 5!

My pathetic, post baby, perimenopausal body took a beating. I was unable to get out of the car!

Anyway these

It’s hilarious as Malham was home to my first lost glove I think. Or second.

My left foot is still unhappy but plans for a walk next month are afoot. I must lose weight.


Glove in Malham Main Car Park

We did this circular walk, gosh, it must be 3 years ago already and what goodies it brought forth. Never seen so many discarded items over the course of one walk, it was like tango cans in the Lakes of a summer’s constitutional!

Started in the main Malham car park, over the fields to a very fairy-style glen (great place for kiddiwinks to use their imagination) towards Gordale Scar, out to Malham Tarn and then back down Malham Cove.malham car park glove 2

Best to get it from all angles, eh?

malham car park glove

And finally….

malham car park glove 3

PS Sorry for odd angle – not worked out how you rotate!


Malham Cycling Glove