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Lost with Beetham’s Fairies!

Magic  magic everywhere!

Magic magic everywhere!

This delightful shot was sent to me by Robin Gregson.

I don’t know what I love more about it, whether or not it’s the actual hat and the marvellous Gruffalo, or the fact that it’s on a footpath sign directing you towards the Fairy Steps – how magical.

It makes sense. Among Robin’s many talents, he has just published his first novel Unreliable Histories. I was zooming through it on holiday, got 3/4 of the way through and I just don’t know where time has gone recently but I’ve not finished it, still!

Definitely worth a download, I’m enjoying it enormously….and not because he’s a mate and I’d have to say that (wouldn’t I?), but because it is rich in language, humour and plot.

I’m also looking forward to reading the Gruffalo to my young son, who, thankfully, adores books. It doesn’t matter if we’re reading That’s Not My Penguin or Peppa’s Viaje En Tren (I’m not kidding), he’s enthralled. I hope it lasts.

Sadly pregnancy and motherhood have not done much for my joy of reading, I don’t seem to have the attention span any more so it’s been a real thrill to read Robin’s first novel without, unrelatedly, having to put it down and pick up Closer magazine instead…..I never said I didn’t have a shallow side!

As for Beetham and The Fairy Steps, I’ve not visited myself but it looks lovely and like a walk the kids might enjoy, if only for the challenge of climbing the steps without touching the walls!



Kendal Calling!

It’s been an age – I forget how long, since I last wrote a lost blog. A lot has happened and, as Booker T would say, Time is Tight.

I had a baby!

Yippee and hooray and everything else in life pales. Cheesy but true.

This morning this photo was posted by Justin Grammer on his Facebook page with a nod to the Lost Socks Laundromat….so I HAD to write.

Hat at Kendal Castle


Having never been to Kendal Castle I can’t comment on its visitor attractiveness but I’m guessing it’s a ruin and stands on a small hillock surrounded by the breathtaking Cumbrian hills. And this is where the hat resides.

Sadly my lasting memory of Kendal Calling – the title of this piece, was when the music festival was still sited just off the Kendal bypass in a farmer’s field. It was a dreadful weekend weatherwise, very sadly indeed 2 people died from dodgy drugs and with them died my inclination towards ever attending another music festival. I am told, however, that its new location at Lowther makes it a much more appealing past time. The line up gets bigger and better with every year and were it not for our dear, sweet, little boy, I might have given it a whirl this summer.

Kendal, itself, is a lovely place, made all the more enjoyable last year when a group of otters decided to take up residence on the river, slap bang in the centre of the town.

Give it a whirl. It’s got some great eateries and the number of locally produced gastronomic delights make it a must go for any foodie! I just wish I could still find Kendalicious Cordials but fear they may no longer be around. Check out their food festival in March.

Cheers Justin!

Lost on the way to the station

Three weeks ago a visit to the hospital confirmed that I need to lose 8kg. Yes it’s as precise as that. In those 3 weeks I’ve lost 4lbs – it’s rather embarrassing really. When I did Weightwatchers years ago I lost half a stone in my first week alone. It seems the older you get the harder but I don’t see why.

In the meantime I work from home so it’s 10 feet from my bed to the office door…so no walking to work, walking in and out of the office, climbing the office stairs or wandering off to clients…maybe I’m just too sedate, added to which I used to walk every Sunday in the Lakes and would never do less than about 4 hours walking …..which of course is how the Lost Blog started.

Now I’ve met the man of my dreams, finally married and am wanting to start a family. I had a miscarriage 18 months ago and genuinely feel that weight has been a whole new ball park ever since. Initially I piled on weight after it. I don’t know if your hormones are going nuts having geared up for a baby and then they have nowhere to go but trying to shift that weight gain is proving such hard work.

Things that I knew were sure fired weight loss winners just don’t seem to have the same success. In the past if I lived off fish and green veg for a week I’d lose 10lbs…now I’m really struggling so the first thing I’m trying to combat is getting some walking in.

OK so it’s an hour round the block, it’s not five hours up Dollywaggon Pike but it’s a start. Things which strike me most….

  1. The people of Preston lose a lot of stuff – each route is averaging about 4/54 losses
  2. The dog owners of Preston have no pride – the pavements are poo central
  3. I always feel more knackered from an hour on the pavements than I ever did from five hours up the fells

So…to the losses, this was a route which took me down Garstang Road (A6) into town via Moor Lane to the railway station.

Ah, Mr Booze is where I had my first gallery - Guapa

Primary school sweatshirt from a school I've never heard of!

The amateur blur of this poor pic only makes the scene more macabre!

Another fuzzy vision glove from the other side? Outside the former Spiritualist Church on Moor Lane.

Cycling glove? Was rubberised and scuba's not got many opportunities in Preston dock!

Non descript hat outside BT on Moor Lane


Hat on Hill Street Car Park as hubbyllicious looks on.


Beanie bags of fun!

It’s really difficult trying to determine what could be lost and left from the merely drying out when you find stuff hanging off a tree at Glenridding Sailing Centre.

This rather bonny beanie was hanging about a bit too long to fall into the post-capsize category so I snapped it before it was snaffled by someone else and removed from said tree.

Regular readers all know that my husband, el senor @Groovegenerator, and I keep a rather battered old sloop up on Ullswater and then buy all the gear just so we look like we know what we’re doing before sloping off out of sight amid a barrage of expletives as we bungle our way around the lake.

In the background, by contrast, stands Robert Wadge, the best person with whom to sail, as he’s oodles of patience and can go deaf to my inane ramblings with ease. While I technically didn’t learn to sail with him, I learned more from him, crewing whenever possible, in his then RS 400 and have been heard to say that I spent the best weekend of my life with him……er….before I got married that is…..

Alongside is his other half, who, aside from being able to rig a boat blindfolded, can’t abide sailing! Hilarious. She can make the most informed observations, tell you where on the earth the Vendee Globe trotters currently reside and for all I know is BFFs with Ellen Macarthur, yet shrinks into the ether at the mention of donning a wetsuit and buoyancy aid.

She has a fabulous jewellery shop in Clitheroe and an online outlet too, so if all things nice and sparkly float your boat, please do go and spend at JWL Contemporary Jewellery. Newroomsonline shares a couple  of suppliers but Jack’s range is purely jewellery and much more comprehensive. Check it out.

That’s all for now. I have no office stool worth talking of and have the most dreadful neck strain so over and out.

Bath time for Beanies

Washed into the gutter : (

You might think you get a better class of loss in Bath but no, this poor, little, delicate, pink, striped beanie had been left to find its way into the gutter just like any other.

We’d gone down to Bristol for the weekend but in truth spent the day in Bath.

I hadn’t been there for 33 years, when I’d been on a school trip. I’d loved it, seeing Wookey Hole, Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust and Berkley Castle to name but three great days out…..but we also saw Longleat, a cheese maker, a paper maker and the lovely seaside at Weston-super-Mare.

The one place that had had me enthralled, however, was the Roman Baths at Bath. So when our friend Jason said we were going to spend the day at the Thermae Spa in Bath, I thought we were headed for those very same baths, where I’d scooped a thimble of the water and nearly gagged to death. I’d imagined some divine tasting elixir, magic powers of good health and unimaginable scrumminess..but NO! NO! NO! I can still remember feeling like I’d swallowed a mug of molten metal.

I could not, therefore, have been more elated, to see that we were not headed for those baths but a contemporary thermal spa – absolutely wonderful. On four floors the thermal spa had a 45 minute queue to enter…really it was a case of one in/one out. Customer service levels (my thing) were very good with staff from the Spa regularly walking aong the queue with baskets of sweets giving updates of how soon we could expect to get in. Once in I was really amazed. It was heaving but you’d never really have known. There were robes, towels and slippers available to hire, all immaculate. The changing rooms were spacious, well equipped and equally clean and tidy with countless members of staff showing where you could change, lock your stuff away and which spa pools were where.

We headed straight for the rooftop pool for a wallow in lovely warm waters, under the rain – exhilerating and lots of fun. We came down a level to a floor of four huge steam rooms, all offering a different aroma. Despite the watery eyes side-effect, we chose eucalyptus and it was wonderful, talk about clear your tubes! There were hot showers, cold showers, foot baths and marble banquettes to relax upon and if the rooftop version didn’t appeal you had a basement level pool too.

Can’t recommend it enough….go and have an afternoon there, you won’t regret it.

Lost hat just for ladies!

Hat on Lytham road

Hats fort ladies!

I spotted this lovely, knitted baby’s hat as I drove past a few days ago enroute to the newroomsonline warehouse. It took me half a mile to turn the car around but I think you’ll find it is worth it.

I’m quite pleased that it’s perched right underneath a huge advert for my cousin’s daughter’s Just for Ladies gym (does that make her my second cousin?), so I can do a spot of blatant advertising for her!

To my shame I’ve never been in, but it’s reputedly a very splendid place to join, and, for those who find donning lycra and sweating in front of a male audience, it’s probably the best out of town solution to your shyness that you’ll find. In the heart of Fulwood, you’ll find it just down the side of the former home for the blind off Lytham Road. If you head for the Chinese, let your conscience get the better of you and turn right instead of left and you’ll be tkaing the healthier option….though you really can’t argue with Hardcastle Road’s Fulwood Take-Away! Calorie-tastic…..but sadly does nothing to tone your butt!

It’s another in our latest cache of baby-losties, mothers seem to be abandoning their baby’s clothes at a rate of knots! First it’s @dreamwalls flying bootie and now this. Poor mites!

Must dash – lots to do.

Keep those donations coming readers  – as summer approaches you can already feel the slowing down of people losing things.

Draft round the Nethers!

Nether Bridge barriers sport dandy cap!

Making his first appearance to this blog, this arrived from @justingrammer. The picture was taken close to Nether Bridge in Kendal, and it’s worth noting that the barriers were just hanging round doing nothing….apart from mugging small children for their hats!

I met Justin years ago when I’d first got into walking and Ullswater Steamers, where he was marketing manager, were my new best friends! He’s as big a pedant as me, if not worse, which is a great commonality to have, a true dying art I find, that is, until you’re trying to show off with your social networking skills and he notes your appallling typos! RAHHHHHH!

Thanks for the photo – top angle, right up my street and to style it to the blog is an added bonus!

If you’ve not yet discovered Kendal then shame on you. There’s the Mountain Festival starring nutters up scary ridges, Brewery Arts Centre featuring top giggage and just opposite a really fab restaurant called the New Moon, where the pigeon is truly gorgeous.

I’ve also recently found a few favourite outlets in the area for delicious food. I’m sure I’ve mentioned Low Sizergh Barn for top farm shop heaven, but there’s also Kendalicious Cordials – lime, lemon and strawberry being my favourite three and Savin Hill Farm meats – not sure the Lyth Valley, where they reside, is strictly Kendal but if you are in the area I cannot recommend their brisket and pork medallions enough! If you can’t get to the Lyth Valley then they attend Farmers’ Marketsw and were last spotted in Manchester’s Picadilly Gardens!