Monthly Archives: May 2018

Lost on a summer’s day in Fulwood

So anyway here is a lost hat. It’s bright red and hanging in a bush on Garstang Road.

Seems utterly preposterous on what must be one of the hottest days we’ve had of late, that someone should have been wearing a hat. But then little heads.

I saw a 2 week old baby today at Blackpool Zoo. I almost can’t remember my son being so small yet he’s still my baby.

It’s such an idyllic day thay I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of these small people. And they are people.

We sometimes fail to give them credit for what they know. This morning a 3 year old identified a classic Porsche 911 for me in a classic car magazine…..before going on to tell me that his favourite car is an Ambassador!

Anyway if anyone has dropped said hat……it’s on a busy outside a care home in Fulwood on the A6!