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Lost in weight-loss

So, many moons ago I wrote that I was treading the streets of Fulwood…..and sometimes the paths of Cumbria, in a bid to lose weight so as to facilitate having a baby.

How the tables have turned – or have they?

Now, having had a baby, I am, once again, having to realise that I need to do some exercise.

The last walk I did when in this frame of mind, proffered forth the highest number of losses in any one walk ever….and I was absolutely sure I’d already blogged them…but I’ll be darned if I can find that blog…so here goes, with an apology for repetition.


Lost medical supplies - by Sharoe Green allotments

Lost medical supplies – by Sharoe Green allotments


Lost medical supplies 2 - by Sharoe Green allotments

Lost medical supplies 2 – by Sharoe Green allotments


Gone off the railings!

Gone off the railings!


Lost in Booths Car Park

Lost in Booths Car Park


Lost by the hospital!

Lost by the hospital!


Lost in Clanfield

Lost in Clanfield


Lost with Jeanne Jugan

Lost with Jeanne Jugan

The more I look at these pics, the more I am sure I have already blogged them but I can’t find them so I must be going mad – one of the truer statements relating to becoming a mother – I never really acknowledged how true it was when people referred to baby brain but it’s really quite alarming. I can’t recall conversations I’ve had two minutes ago!

So any Prestonian can see my route – a 3 mile circuit of Fulwood’s main roads – ah yes, getting a lung full of that fresh air ; )

Actually yesterday we did.

We went over to St Annes and walked along the prom, past the old site of the open air baths and to the pier. They are currently restoring the end of the pier by the looks of it, and there’s a lovely new cafe at the end. I say lovely, we didn’t go in, but it looks so quaint and welcoming……bit less full-on than the arcade which you have to plough through before getting back into the open air. I’m a sucker for the British seaside, so piers, donkeys and wind breaks evoke real joy in my heart…..noisy arcades and the constant allure of chips, perhaps not as much!

It was possibly the first bright, sunny afternoon this year that we’ve managed to enjoy a bit of the outdoors…..more of that, please.

Anyway… a bid to keep it fresh, I’ll shut up, suffice to say the battle of the bulge is back-on!








A Christmas loss

Another lost soul

Another lost soul

It’s funny how so many gloves find their way on to the railings of a church. Funnier still how the finders, or maybe the elements, point a finger towards the spire…a kind of godly loss?

This fluffy beauty was on the railings outside English Martyrs Church, just outside town, spotted as we took a post Christmas walk up to the Asia Continental Supermarket on Sedgewick Street.

I’ve never been inside the church but just googled them to see if they had a site – it looks very jolly indeed. Having been brought up CofE, in truth, I’ve been inside very few UK Catholic churches and I’m always astounded by how ornate they are by comparison to their protestant counterparts.

Church decor is something which always makes me question the graven images commandment whenever I’m inside one.  St Walburge’s, also in Preston, is a fine example of fabulous church decor, with its splendid stained glass windows and minstrels gallery, the second highest spire in the country and beautiful stone. I’ve no idea if you can gain access for a peek, sadly its parish is all but non existent and I know, years ago, there was an urgent sense of it having to be saved from disappearing as a church per se but if you can get inside, revel in it.

While I find church interiors often quite beautiful in their over the top design, from a spiritual perspective, there can be none more moving than St Martin’s Church in Martindale, in Cumbria. Its serene simplicity, lack of embellishment and ancient design make it an idyllic place to sit quietly and contemplate life’s greater questions.

All that said, as a lapsed church-goer (understatement), for many, many years I ceased going inside churches, as a tourist, after being in Crete one Easter. We took an excursion on Good Friday to a village church, where the presence of so many tourists made it impossible for actual worshippers to attend their own service inside their own local church. I was ashamed to be there, merely to gawp at the interior,when people were trying to get in for more legitimate reasons on the most important day of their religious year.

So I stopped going inside. I missed the Dome of the Rock when I was in Jerusalem, have missed countless divine settings in Europe and chosen to stand outside instead. But I’m going back inside more of them, just choosing my timings and being more considerate, I hope.

On a lighter note, I feel compelled to discuss the Asia Continental – I have to say I love it, although spend far too much on sacks of spices which will go off long before they are used. It’s a wonderful place to find most of your foreign goodies, not just Asian cuisine.

There’s also a really good fresh fruit and veg section with a good range of everything from the pedestrian to the exotic, but best of all, for us, if you’re someone who makes jams or chutneys, you can buy stuff by the crate!

Perfect for when you’re whipping up a batch of Moro’s harissa or Mrs Balbir Singh’s mango chutney – I think it’s her recipe we use (?)!

Kendal Calling!

It’s been an age – I forget how long, since I last wrote a lost blog. A lot has happened and, as Booker T would say, Time is Tight.

I had a baby!

Yippee and hooray and everything else in life pales. Cheesy but true.

This morning this photo was posted by Justin Grammer on his Facebook page with a nod to the Lost Socks Laundromat….so I HAD to write.

Hat at Kendal Castle


Having never been to Kendal Castle I can’t comment on its visitor attractiveness but I’m guessing it’s a ruin and stands on a small hillock surrounded by the breathtaking Cumbrian hills. And this is where the hat resides.

Sadly my lasting memory of Kendal Calling – the title of this piece, was when the music festival was still sited just off the Kendal bypass in a farmer’s field. It was a dreadful weekend weatherwise, very sadly indeed 2 people died from dodgy drugs and with them died my inclination towards ever attending another music festival. I am told, however, that its new location at Lowther makes it a much more appealing past time. The line up gets bigger and better with every year and were it not for our dear, sweet, little boy, I might have given it a whirl this summer.

Kendal, itself, is a lovely place, made all the more enjoyable last year when a group of otters decided to take up residence on the river, slap bang in the centre of the town.

Give it a whirl. It’s got some great eateries and the number of locally produced gastronomic delights make it a must go for any foodie! I just wish I could still find Kendalicious Cordials but fear they may no longer be around. Check out their food festival in March.

Cheers Justin!