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Lost in a Yorkshire getaway!

Let me in....

My friend Kath went away just before Christmas, with a few friends, for a long weekend in York although how she managed to get anything done is beyond me. York, it would seem, is littered with the lost.

Artistic placement

I love it when folk place lost stuff in obvious places so that the owner will see it. That said, a reader of the lost socks laundromat messaged me via Facebook recently to tell me she collects lost stuff, so I consider myself fortunate to get any shots at all.

Her approach is much worthier! I just leave the detritus where I see it!

Another fan favourited the lost trainer from my last post on my flickrstream! FAB.

A pair, now that's rare

I’ve not been to York for a long time. I think the last time was to negotiate a reciprocal arrangement with Best Western to promote the last company for whom I worked in exchange for using their venues where we could. It seemed like a great idea on paper but I seem to recall our getting few, if any, referrals.

My only other recollection of time out in York was it taking far less time to drive there than I’d ever imagined only to then spend an eternity trying to find somewhere to park….am guessing the train is the answer!




Lost racing around Cartmel

Ah yes our first walk of the New Year and I had managed to lose the trail within literally 100 yards of the car park…..what hope?

I handed over to Gillian, who set us right, allowing me to indulge in the pursuit of the lost.

And not long before we came across this…

Leftover from the fell run?


How do you lose one trainer?

Our route for the day was a walk I’d chosen from one of my favourite walking books and was a 7 mile, 4 hour circular walk around Cartmel, taking in Hampsfield Fell as an optional offshoot.

The great guy in the tourist info office, on the village car park, told us there’d been a fell run the day before with not a single parking space available from about 11am onwards…so I wonder was this rather new looking trainer belonging to a runner?

A few yards further on we spotted this…

As you know I’m not really one to veer away from clothing or footwear but the dummy seemed so photogenic I couldn’t resist. Seriously though, I know someone mounted it on a branch so that it could be easily spotted but am inclined to think if I’d dropped my baby’s dummy, I’d not want it back after it’d been dropped in God knows what muck half way up a country path!

The walk saw us through woods, wandering on farmland over fields, a bit of road walking, many stiles and finally up Hampsfield Fell whose summit is complete with a stone hospice…….when Gillian read this aloud I’d seriously imagined a rest home up a hill……but no, it’s a stone tower…no idea what its purpose, but given the wind it was a perilous climb to the top where I literally sank to my knees for fear of being swept off.

Back to the main path and  semi steep descent into claggy farmland once more and another loss hiding on a wall, we thought it might be a hat

We were home just in time for the heavens to open and refuge to be sought in the fab King’s Arms. Can I recommend, please? Wonderful, attentive staff, good ale and food at the bargainacious offer of £25 per couple YES per couple for a 3 course dinner as part of the Sunday Supper Club. I had smoked salmon, a roast beef dinner and then banana bread, ice cream and toffee sauce…….all for £12.50. And it was all delicious. I’ve not enjoyed such value for money in ages.

Sad that we didn’t have time to wander round the priory but I suspect I’ll be back in Cartmel sooner rather than later when I hope to check out L’Enclume! Hmm I wonder how I’ll find the value for money there….watch this space.

Lost Gloves – anyone know where this is?


Where the hell was this? And when?

I made a concerted effort, mentally, earlier this week to start maintaining the lost socks blog as I’ve been more than remiss these past few months.

So I find it totally annoying to present these photographs and have absolutely no recollection where they were taken.

If any of my walking friends can recall (fat chance) then please do enlighten me.

My appalling memory has started to cause me concern. I’ve always had the classic elephant’s memory – I never forget.

Only yesterday I had lunch with a former colleague of 14 years ago and mentioned that whenever I see Errol Brown I think of her, similarly George Michael…she’d been mad about both in her youth and I vividly recall her describing her utter disbelief the day she found out George was gay!

She was amazed by my memory. Yet, in my defence, I have to say that while I can name probably all 120 girls in my year at school in 1980, I can’t remember the name of someone to whom I was introduced yesterday…and, worse still, no disrespect girls, but that person I met yesterday might be someone who would hire me tomorrow!

Is it just me or does everyone hit 40 and life thereafter is just not the same? You forget everything and have to make lists, ALL the time. You can’t shift half a stone yet at 39 you drop could drop it in a week.


Lost my old house – finally!

Lost in the Night Garden

It’s funny how I’ve had this photo for ages and have chosen not to post it. I think first and foremost because strictly speaking it goes against my code – which is articles of clothing and garments only….however, I couldn’t resist.

It was lying on the hedge of the doctor’s opposite my old house. The house had been on the market for over a year and we finally sold just before Christmas at the back end of November. On the one hand it was a relief. On the other it was an absolutely beautiful 1930’s semi, drenched in sunlight, lots of original features and in a nice neighbourhood so it was sad to see it unoccupied.

The irony was just before I finally packed the very last thing…..I found this in the front garden…

Actually is that mine?

The irony is two fold…first off to have a discarded sock in my own front garden….who’d have imagined……and secondly because looking back at it now, I am wondering if it’s one of my own!

Dumbasses of the world unite!



One cold snap and Lytham loses it!

It seems Winter has taken a long time to arrive and I’m not entirely sure we’ve not seen the last of it…too many double negatives in that last sentence?

What I mean is, I fear that two days of frost was it. But I loved it.

I love crisp mornings when it’s bitingly cold but not a cloud decorates the sky.

This from regular contributor, fab photographer and close friend MarkyMarkF. If you’ve still not seen his flickrstream you’ve missed out. I love the Norwegian-ness of the print, shame to lose such a lovely item.

Lost in Lytham

Sorry my postings have been absent for so long. newroomsonline has been holding my full attention, what with tweeting, flickring, facebooking, ebaying, newslettering and more the last few months have been a blur.

I resolve to provide a better service in 2012.

Happy New Year – buy some name tags for your clothes!