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A mint bit of knitting

My husband is quite active on the Manchester Digital scene and many of its members have become regular folk on twitter with whom I correspond. And so, it was a really good idea for me to go to their Xmas Bash at the Mint Lounge in Manchester.

I drove. “So whereabouts in Manchester is this place?” I asked. “It’s in the Northern Quarter,” came the reply.

Of course this means nothing to anyone who doesn’t live there. If, however, you’ve visited the city throughout your life, visual pointers are much more helpful….some recent, new way of describing the city’s various zones…..are not!

So anyway we rocked up at this gaff (ah yes I’m down with the 70’s lingo this morning) with its unassuming entrance. The eventbrite page had implied 600 folk would be present. Fortunately not because it was heaving enough as it was, another what, 300 folk and it would have been intolerable.

I met one person with whom I’d corresponded and some truly lovely others from whom I learned the difference between a nerd and a geek up to the point that the DJ kicked in. Thereafter someone could have walked up to me and said they’d just shot the Prime Minister and I’d have nodded indifferently.

I’ve been to some gigs in my life, from the tiny Roy Harper at the Leeds Irish Centre gig, to the huge Quadrophenia on Hyde Park event… I know noise. This was a different level. It was too loud to stay in the same room as the music, I left to vomit three times as the sound resonated throughout my chest cavity….although once in the facilities the heaving stopped and came to nought. As a result we had to leave early because I simply couldn’t stand it any more.

So anyway geeks and nerds. Evidently nerds are tech-heads and talk their own nerdy language whereas geeks are apparently just over zealous fans of stuff…..the kind of people, like my hubby, who buy their T-shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere or Propellerheads because they detail, for example and among others, all the reference numbers to any one of Roland’s drum machines.

I’d actually love to sell Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts on newroomsonline. Their ideas are ingenious, the themes right up my street and I love their creativity. The Jaws pine, in particular, floats my boat!

So anyway back to the glove….standard black, knitted, unloved and lost : (


Big’s Little Green Glove

This bright green glove was sent to me by my good friend @kathwalkerart also known as Big.

Ah yes, long before the days of Sex and the City we had the nicknames Big and Biggies for one another, but then friendships that go back 32 years are bound to have a few from which to choose – Gustav, Mahler, Wellie, Womble, Orca, Bubble – the list is endless and none of them particularly flattering!

I guess it’s just cool to have had a friend for so long. I’m lucky in that sense. We were at school together and a few of us have always stayed in touch since leaving in 1983…but the real killer has been this Christmas, when for some apparent reason, so many of us have found each other on Facebook. it’s been an absolute blast, I think almost everyone is now a teacher, so in time honoured tradition, I am invariably STILL the odd one out!

Oddly since we came out relatively unscathed, we all talk as thought they were the most traumatic years of our lives, when in reality I think what we all realise is that our education had massive gaping cavernous gaps. In some senses stifling in others just lacking.

What’s been lovely though is just hearing from people after so many years. Long may it last, what a great Christmas present.

(So to those of you who were in Upper 5L in 1983 at Queen Mary School, join the fun on Facebook!)

Lost on the wrong side of the tracks!

David and I drove over to Blackpool for the afternoon and strolled down the prom….over the tram tracks, where I caught sight of this lost lady.

It seems fitting in this year of the 50th anniversary of Corrie to have the tracks feature on the lost blog. Who can forget Rita’s wife-bashing husband coming to his sticky end right here? The nasty Alan Bradley!

Those who know me well have heard me bang on about Blackpool ad nauseum. I love it. In season and out of season. It’s what I always describe as honest. Those who slate it don’t understand it and fail to see the beauty.

In season it’s a hotbed of every human emotion known to mankind. Out of season it’s like a ghost town. Banks of sand settle against the shop fronts and the wind gusts through at a rate of knots – wild and wonderful!

Even though it’s been the holiday destination for millions over the years, I’m not entirely sure it’s the cheap solution for all! Camera in hand I thought I’d grab some cool shots at the Pleasure Beach…..only to be told that to go into the park and NOT go on a ride would cost me £5.00. Sorry but rip-off is an understatement. What happened to enticing folk in?

But if you really want to see some great pics of Blackpool, then you should take a look at Mark Freeman’s flickrstream…..he just won the Lancashire Life photography competition!

Lost in Barcelona….could be worse

Some lovely pics sent to me by Hannah from Dreamwalls who found herself in Barcelona a few weeks ago and had the great kindness to send me the photos.

Obviously where the UK has an overkill of lost gloves, it’s literally the Lost Socks Laundromat in Barcelona.

A lost footing Spain-side?

The Spaniards even colour co-ordinate their lost garments with their environment - how chic

Can’t think of a better place to get lost myself. It’s the one city that I vowed I would visit every year for the rest of my life after my first visit.

Of course, I haven’t done but I can’t wait to take my other half, @groovegenerator and show him the sights, the sounds, the bars, the food, the Gaudi and of course, my most favourite place in Barca – the Sagrada Familia.

Everyone wows out at the sight of it but you just can’t recommend it enough. The best way to arrive there is, undoubtedly, as I did, albeit unwittingly, by tube. I knew that the tube station was at the site but emerged from the underground looking straight ahead expecting this wonder to be ahead of me. A guy opposite me had a video camera pointed straight at me and watched me turn around. I wish to this day I had a copy of my reaction because I literally ducked and nearly fell over. It’s like the church is bending over you. And it’s immense. And if anyone today were to suggest such a design for a cathedral I would strongly suspect that it would be thrown out as sacrilege, disrespectful, anarchic and down right vulgar.

Yes, all of the above and how marvellous as a result!

I could go on but hey go there and visit La Pedrera, Parc Guell, Montjuic, Port Olimpic, the Ramblas, the divine Plaza Reial for its markets selling honey or stamps and all the fabulous galleries in the gothic quarter.

And one last thing….if you get the chance to see the Fundacion Tony Manero gig, take your platforms – yeah Baby, yeah!