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Dance yourself dizzy….then lose it!

It’s been far too long since my last lost blog, so busy with newroomsonline, updating the site, moving the office – what a full-on few months, that I’ve literally not had time to think.

Time has not been so precious, however, that I haven’t managed a couple of gigs – both possibly away from my norm of Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Who or Muse……went to see Groove Armada back in October and last night Heaven 17 at the Ritz in Manchester.

My knowledge of Groove Armada is limited to say the least….further than the salty air track with its delightful, muted trumpety bit I only know riffs and choruses when I hear them….I just never knew enough to attribute them to Groove Armada.

It was a superb gig. I never credited them with being a band that played instruments so was a bit blown away to say the very least. Not only could they play, but they played really well and God knows who that lead singer is but I’m guessing ex stage school. I don’t mean that offensively like she’s some product of pushy mother syndrome, little talent but lots of ego…I mean she had it all. Fabulous voice and an ability to move in ways my body never could or even should. She was mesmerising….and annoyingly lithe….she probably free climbs in the Pyrennees for relaxation!

But….we saw this little fella on the floor outside, so who was I to walk away without a snapshot?

Glove Armada

And then last night, another first – Heaven 17 at the Ritz. Ordinarily I don’t approve of bad language on a blog – am sure it makes me seem crass and unprofessional but BLOODY HELL, they were so good. It was the 30th anniversary of Penthouse and Pavement and they played it track for track.

What I love about gigs like this is the unholy geekery that ensues. My husband was the loudest fan in the room – telling them their playlist (the arrogance) and singing his heart out with such passion that just to slip your arm round him in such ecstasy was my own little gap of luxury.

It was obvious that playing live has not been their thang, if only because Glenn Gregory’s rapport with the audience was so genuine, none of this usual inane we love you Manchester throw away commentating, but a really friendly conversation with the whole room. Everyone was largely 40-something at a guess but instantly 15 or 16 again.

What blew me away….sadly given it was a Penthouse and Pavement gig….was their version of Human League’s Don’t you want me Baby….so superior to the original, and to sing your heart out along with 1000 others who all knew the words was a bit of gig magic…but to hear what David described as the 12 inch Temptation live was just too good to be true. Wish I’d not taken a handbag (so old and crusty) and could have danced myself dizzier but got away with some vicious swaying and mean foot tapping!

It was a great night, topped only by this luminous offering on the Pavement – if only its partner had been dangling from a Penthouse – poetry in action!

Along with obligatory gig co-attendees’ feet……


Who let me go???? Sole warfare…..get it?

All I can say is let’s have X-Factor Penthouse and Pavement week….that’ll sort the chaff from the chaff…..we all wish.